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What is a Duplex Receptacle?

A duplex receptacle is a type of electrical outlet that is commonly used in residential and commercial settings. It has two outlets, which are used to power electrical devices simultaneously. The receptacle is comprised of several components, each of which plays an important role in ensuring that the outlet operates safely and efficiently. In this article, we will take a closer look at the components of a duplex receptacle.


Receptacle body

The body of the receptacle is the main part of the outlet. It is usually made of plastic or nylon and is designed to hold the other components in place. The receptacle body has two openings where the electrical devices can be plugged in.


The contacts are the metal plates that make contact with the blades of the plug when it is inserted into the outlet. They are made of brass or bronze, which is a good conductor of electricity. The contacts are held in place by springs, which ensure that they maintain a tight grip on the plug blades.

Mounting strap

The mounting strap is a metal plate that is attached to the back of the receptacle body. It is used to mount the receptacle to the electrical box in the wall. The mounting strap has several holes that are used to secure the receptacle to the box.

Terminal screws

The terminal screws are used to connect the wires to the receptacle. They are located on the sides of the receptacle and are typically made of brass. The terminal screws are used to connect the hot wire (black), neutral wire (white), and ground wire (green or bare copper) to the receptacle.

Grounding clip

The grounding clip is a metal piece that is located on the bottom of the receptacle. It is used to ensure that the receptacle is properly grounded. The grounding clip is connected to the ground wire, which is typically green or bare copper.

Break-off tab

The break-off tab is a small piece of plastic that is located between the two outlets. It is used to separate the two outlets, which can be useful when wiring the receptacle. The break-off tab can be removed by bending it back and forth until it snaps off.

    In conclusion, a duplex receptacle is a common type of electrical outlet that has two outlets, each of which has its own set of components. The receptacle body, contacts, mounting strap, terminal screws, grounding clip, and break-off tab are all essential components that work together to ensure that the outlet operates safely and efficiently. If you are installing a duplex receptacle, it is important to understand each of these components and how they function so that you can install the outlet properly.

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