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Free Lighting Layouts

Recommended lighting levels vary depending on tasks, size, layout, and other factors. Electrical Marketplace has the tools to help you with your lighting layout based on your needs. Despite those differences, it's possible to get started designing a suitable lighting system by following our process:

  1. Determine the quantity of illumination required at the task or process.
  2. Determine the lighting required for safety, and ensure all three of the factors — quality, quantity, and safety — are properly considered in the final design.
  3. Select listed or approved lighting equipment that satisfies each requirement, including mechanical performance.
  4. Prepare a lighting fixture layout that considers maintainability and safety.
  5. Review the energy, economic, and operating characteristics of the lighting system.

It doesn’t matter if your building is small or big; if it’s just a low movement warehouse or a manufacturing plant with complex needs… we can do any type of application Contact us for more information via email at or give us a call at (800) 303-5332.