Is Germicidal Lighting Effective In Killing Bacteria And Virus?

The coronavirus pandemic has breathed new life into a technique that has been around for decades and can zap viruses and bacteria.

What Is OLED Lighting?

OLED lights are an RGB light source, meaning that objects illuminated by their panels appear highly saturated in primary colors and therefore appear very natural, like illuminated sunlight. OLED lighting provides comfort and luxurious atmosphere in places where natural light is not available. It is also claimed to have better color rendering than LED lighting, meaning that colors should be more accurately rendered.

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Hospitals have found that upgrading to a modern LED lighting system can have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of their facilities.

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Color temperature is one of the most important factors when selecting the right LED light strip for your project...

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Lighting can have a huge impact on worker productivity and health, so invest in LED lighting as a simple solution to increase productivity.