Say Goodbye to your Fluorescent Lighting

Are you still using florescent lamps? We hope you aren't. Read on to learn why you or your business should get its lighting audited ASAP!

15/20Amp GFCI

Having the wrong GFCI could mean disaster for your home or business. Don't take any chances. Our customers choose our GFCIs because they're UL Listed and proven to prevent electrical fires!

Free Lighting Layouts

Request a FREE Lighting Layout today by providing us with the dimensions and info related to your project. We will select the perfect solution for your application based on recommended lumen output and color temperature.

Classified Lighting For Industrial Applications

Manufacturing, fabrication, processing, assembly, inspection, fine detail work, critical processes, Staging and storage, receiving, packing, dock area and warehouses, Special spaces/applications, food processing, etc. - Ask us about classified lighting NOW!

5 Energy Efficient Lighting Tricks for Your Office

In business, everything comes down to the bottom line. When it comes to saving those hard-earned dollars to invest them back into your business, one place business owners often don't think of to save is in the cost of lighting. By making some simple changes to your office lighting methods, you can save money every year in energy costs. We've compiled some tricks to help you save by making your lighting more efficient..

Learn about LED Lighting Terms

Check out this great video outlining some key lighting terms and measurements. Know what you're talking about during your next meeting!