Office Lighting – A Complete Guide

There are two things to consider when purchasing lighting for a school or office. It is important for the people in these environments to be at peak mental performance, and lighting has a huge effect on the people working underneath it. There are also several styles to choose from when shopping for these lights. Offices use “roughly 30 percent of all energy consumed on lighting, so it’s important to get it right”. This is your complete guide to office lighting. Color Temperature When you buy ...

Nicor - Which LED Downlight is Right for You?

Nicor provides the highest quality residential downlights on market. However, it can be overwhelming to shop for the right one. Which model is right for you?

Electrical Tape - Stick With Us

Electrical Tape is a staple in any electrician's toolkit. Personally, I've made the mistake of purchasing cheap, low quality garbage that folds in on itself, loses its integrity, and ultimately wastes my money. Don't make my mistake. Here are three reasons why you should buy Electrical Tape from Electrical Marketplace.

The Best Security Lights of 2020

Security lights are a necessity for any home or business owner. You want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your property is lit and secure. There are many reasons why you might want to purchase these lights, and there are different considerations you must make when shopping for a product that best fits your needs.

GFCI - UL943 Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter

As an electician, you are aware of the dangers that come with wiring and dealing with electricity. This raw power, unfortunately, takes the lives of hundreds of people a year. It is your responsibility to make sure that this doesn't happen. Switch to our GFCI receptacles (wallplate included) today!

First Alert Smoke & CO Detectors

We are known in the commercial and industrial electrical industry as the “Benchmark of Great Products”. This is a term we’ve earned by producing impeccable results and supportive customer care. Our showcase product today is First Alert's Smoke and CO Combo Detector.