Led Classroom Lighting For Schools And Universities

The days when classrooms were bathed in the blue glow of fluorescent tubes, darkened lecture theatres, and the buzz of slides and projectors lulled students to sleep are over. LED lighting can transform an educational environment, create a better campus experience for students and staff, and make education more accessible to students, faculty, staff, student families and student families. 

Led Parking Garage Lighting Considerations

Car park lighting should be designed to provide maximum lighting and uniformity over the entire parking area, whether it is 100 square meters or 1 square meter. The design of garage lighting should take into account the shadows created by large vehicles and strive to provide vehicles with a minimum of recommended lighting. For example, if you want to illuminate 100 square meters, the illuminance must be at least 20,000 lumens. We try to raise awareness of commercial garage lighting by providi...

Lighting Audits- Everything You Need To Know

We offer business owners comprehensive light audits to show them how they can reduce energy costs by switching to energy efficient lighting. Light audits are important because not only can they help you save money, but they can also protect you from litigation.

Earn LEED Credentials with LED Lighting

LED luminaires have made a name for themselves in the energy and lighting industry with their cost-effective, environmentally friendly design. LED light - Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are not only environmentally sustainable, but can also be cost-effective. By using energy-efficient luminaires and modern lighting, you can earn LEED points for your home. To earn points for lighting, you not only need to switch to an energy-efficient light bulb, but also earn points by reducing light reflection and providing occupants with unfiltered daylight.

Is Germicidal Lighting Effective In Killing Bacteria And Virus?

The coronavirus pandemic has breathed new life into a technique that has been around for decades and can zap viruses and bacteria.

What Is OLED Lighting?

OLED lights are an RGB light source, meaning that objects illuminated by their panels appear highly saturated in primary colors and therefore appear very natural, like illuminated sunlight. OLED lighting provides comfort and luxurious atmosphere in places where natural light is not available. It is also claimed to have better color rendering than LED lighting, meaning that colors should be more accurately rendered.