Recommended Lighting Levels

The following selected foot-candle ranges represent the Illuminating Engineer Society’s (IES) current illuminance recommendations. Individual applications will determine exact foot-candle levels. Please refer to the IES Lighting Handbook for more detailed evaluation





Airplane Manufacturing Drilling, riveting, screw fastening 75 NA
Airplane Manufacturing Final assembly, hangar 100 NA
Airplane Manufacturing Inspection 50-200 NA
Airplane Manufacturing Welding 50 NA
Assembly Rough easy seeing 20-50 NA
Assembly Rough difficult seeing 50-100 NA
Assembly Medium 100-200 NA
Auditoriums Social Activities 5-10 NA
Auditoriums Assembly Only 10-20 NA
Auditoriums Exhibitions 15-25 NA
Automovite Manufacturing Frame Assembly 50 NA
Automovite Manufacturing Body & chassis assembly 100 NA
Automovite Manufacturing Body parts assembly 100 NA
Automovite Manufacturing Final Assembly, finishing, inspecting 200 NA
Banks Lobby General 10-50 NA
Banks Writing Areas 20-70 NA
Banks Teller Stations, Posting & Keypunch 50-150 NA
Barber Shop Beauty Parlors 50-100 NA
Chemical Works Chemical Works 30 NA
Clothing Manufacturer Receiving, storing, shipping, winding, measuring 20-50 NA
Clothing Manufacturer Pattern making, trimming 50-100 NA
Clothing Manufacturer Shops, Marking 50-200 NA
Clothing Manufacturer Cutting, Pressing 100-500 NA
Clothing Manufacturer Sewing, Inspection 200-500 NA
Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Impregnating 20-50 NA
Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Insulating coil winding, testing 50-100 NA
Food Service Facility Dining areas, cashier 20-50 NA
Food Service Facility Cleaning 10-20 NA
Food Service Facility Dining 5-20 NA
Food Service Facility Food Displays 30-100 NA
Food Service Facility Kitchen 50-100 NA
Foundries Annealing Furnaces 20-50 NA
Foundries Cleaning 20-50 NA
Foundries Core Making 50-200 NA
Foundries Inspection Fine 100-200 NA
Foundries Inspection Medium 50-100 NA
Foundries Molding 50-200 NA
Foundries Pouring, Sorting 50-100 NA
Garages-Motor Vehicles Storage 5 NA
Garages-Motor Vehicles Parking Garage 10 NA
Garages-Motor Vehicles Service Garage 10-20 NA
Garages-Motor Vehicles Entrances 50 NA
Garages-Motor Vehicles Repair Area 50-100 NA
Gymnasiums Assemblies 10 NA
Gymnasiums General Exercise & Recreation 30 NA
Gymnasiums Exhibitions, Matches 50 NA
Hospitals Rooms 10-30 NA
Hospitals Corridors 5-30 NA
Hospitals Emergency Rooms 50-100 NA
Hospitals Operating Rooms 100-200 NA
Hotels Bathrooms 20-50 NA
Hotels Bedrooms for Reading 10-20 NA
Hotels Corridors, elevators and stairs 10-20 NA
Hotels Front Desk 50-100 NA
Hotels Linen Room: Sewing 100-200 NA
Hotels Linen Room: General 10-20 NA
Hotels Lobby: General Lighting 10-20 NA
Hotels Lobby: Reading and working areas 20-50 NA
Iron & Steel Manufacturing Stock, hot top, checker, cellar, calcining 10-30 NA
Iron & Steel Manufacturing Building, slag pits, stripping yard 20 NA
Iron & Steel Manufacturing Control platform, repairs, mixer building 30 NA
Iron & Steel Manufacturing Rolling mills 30-50 NA
Iron & Steel Manufacturing Shearing 50 NA
Iron & Steel Manufacturing Tin Plate 50 NA
Iron & Steel Manufacturing Motor Room, Machine Room 30 NA
Iron & Steel Manufacturing Inspection 100 NA
Library Ordinary Reading, Stacks 20-50 NA
Library Book Repair and Binding 20-50 NA
Library Study & Notes, Cataloging 20-100 NA
Library Card Files, Check Desk 20-100 NA
Laundries Washing 20-50 NA
Laundries Ironing 20-100 NA
Machine Shops Rough Bench 20-50 NA
Machine Shops Medium Bench, Rough Grinding, Buffing 50-100 NA
Machine Shops Fine Bench and Work 200-500 NA
Materials Handling Loading Trucking 10-20 NA
Materials Handling Picking Stock Classifying 20-50 NA
Materials Handling Wrapping, Packing, Labeling 20-50 NA
Offices Accounting 50-100 NA
Offices Audio-Visual Areas 20-50 NA
Offices Conference Areas 20-70 NA
Offices Corridors, Stairways 20 NA
Offices Drafting 50-200 NA
Offices General and Private Offices 50-100 NA
Offices Lobbies, Lounges, & Reception Areas 5-20 NA
Offices Mail Sorting 50-100 NA
Offices Off-set printing & duplicating areas 20-50 NA
Offices Spaces with VDT's 75 NA
Paint Shop Spraying, Rubbing 20-50 NA
Paint Shop Hand Art, Stencil 20-50 NA
Paint Shop Fine Hand Painting & Finishing 50-100 NA
Paper Manufacturing Beaters, Grinding 20-50 NA
Paper Manufacturing Finishing, Cutting 50-100 NA
Paper Manufacturing Hand Counting 50-100 NA
Paper Manufacturing Paper machine reel, Inspection 100-200 NA
Paper Manufacturing Rewinder 100-200 NA
Printing Welding 50 NA
Printing Color Inspecting 100-200 NA
Printing Presses 50-100 NA
Printing Proofreading 100-200 NA
Printing Composing Room 50-100 NA
Schools Reading 20-100 NA
Schools Typing 20-100 NA
Schools Demonstrations 100-200 NA
Schools Sewing 20-100 NA
Sheet Metal Works General 100 NA
Sheet Metal Works Tin Plate Inspection 100-200 NA
Sheet Metal Works Galvanizing, Scribing 100-200 NA
Stores Circulation Area Stockroom 10-30 NA
Stores Merchandising, Servicing 30-100 NA
Stores Merchandising, Self-Servicing 200 NA
Textile Mills Cotton Picking, Carding, Roving, Spinning 50 NA
Textile Mills Beaming & Slashing 150 NA
Textile Mills Drawing 200 NA
Textile Mills Others 100 NA
Warehouse & Storage Inactive 5-10 NA
Warehouse & Storage Active Rough Bulky 10-20 NA
Warehouse & Storage Active Medium 20 NA
Warehouse & Storage Active Fine 20-50 NA
Welding General 20-50 NA
Woodworking Sizing, planning, rough sanding, medium quality machine and bench work, gluing, veneering, cooperage 20-50 NA
Woodworking Fine bench and machine work, fine sanding and finishing 50-100 NA
Woodworking Rough sawing and bench work 20-50 NA