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Occupancy Sensors and Dimmers On Led Lights

Dim the lights... Our LED dimming accessories regulate light output according to the amount of daylight sensed. Purchase a manual dimmer to have full control over the light levels in your room, or buy an occupancy sensor that adjusts light automatically.

Here, you can find all types of Occupancy Sensors to fit your needs

The harvesting of daylight ensures a constant level of light to avoid moments when external light sources provide excessive amounts of light and cause glare. For example, when there is little light during the day or clouds are gathering, daylight harvest can maintain a constant level of illumination by continuously increasing or decreasing the performance of indoor lighting. The night falls under the control of the LED light sensor and its sensors.

If the dimming system is well calibrated, the occupants of a room will not notice any changes in electric lighting or daylight usage.

The sensor can be configured to dim to a preset level for a certain period of time after motion detection or to dim again after the time has elapsed. The sensor is used to switch the light on and off when required and can also be dimmed when daylight changes. Check out our Dimmers and Timers or get in touch with one of our specialists today to talk about your automated lighting solution!