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Benefits Of Switching To Led Exit Emergency Lighting

Maintenance-free emergency lighting and exit signs are ideal for building safety. At Electrical Marketplace, you'll find LED Exit and Emergency Lights qualified to meet the safety regulations and federal laws that govern these extremely important fixtures.

LED exit signs do not have lights which need to be replaced like standard light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. LED lights last for a very long time, which is crucial for the quality of your emergency lighting; it should always be running. Models that include battery backups last even longer. With such low power consumption, they can be coupled with other emergency equipment such as smoke and fire detectors.

Should a power outage occur, whether due to a fire, natural disaster, or even a terrorist attack, effective emergency lighting will guide occupants out of the building. Emergency exit doors must have warning signs and emergency lighting to help staff and guide them accordingly. This is of the utmost importance, especially if the emergency routes are not located in an easily recognizable area of the building.

Compared to corresponding fluorescent tubes, LEDs often show energy savings of 30 percent or more. If your exit signs are currently illuminated by incandescent or fluorescent light, you can save up to hundreds of dollars by switching to LED exit signs.

The benefits of LED lighting for commercial use are impressive. If you are looking for a long-term reduction in your energy costs or a clean and environmentally friendly way to illuminate your property in an emergency, our LED emergency lights are the right solution for you. Choosing LED emergency lights is a great decision because they save much more energy than conventional light bulbs and also lower maintenance costs. If you want to ensure that your building and its occupants are safe, you can start right away by getting in touch with one of our specialists today: 800.303.5332 - Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!