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5 Facts About LED Linear High Bay Lights

Whether you run a business or are looking to improve your home, you need the right kind of lighting. It helps you be more safe, productive, and cost efficient. One type of lighting that is common is high bay lights. However, there are some things you should know about these lights, especially the LED variety. Here are 5 facts about LED linear high bays to keep in mind:

Bay Lights Use a Lot of Energy, But LED Bay Lights Use Less Than Traditional Bulbs 

Any kind of lighting is going to require a fair bit of energy. However, normal lights consume even more than LED versions of the same light. This is especially true with linear bay lights that require numerous bulbs. LED high bays actually use less energy while giving you the same amount of light. The result is less wasted money on your energy bill each month, so you can put more back into your pocket.  

High Bays Using LED Bulbs Allow More Color to Be Seen

The colors reflecting from an LED light source are much more vibrant and true. It gives you better aesthetics. It can also highlight certain products better, due to the color range it gives off, and safety is improved when workers / shoppers, etc can better see.

Linear LED High Bay Lights Are More Durable and Longer Lasting

There is no point installing lights if you are just going to have to replace bulbs and fixtures all the time. That is why you want to make sure that your lights last as long as possible. There are two factors in this: durability and lifetime of the bulb. LED lights win in both of these categories, requiring less money and maintenance time. 

LED High Bay Lights Are More Eco Friendly

Every business is seeking to be more eco friendly these days. It is not just something to feel good about, since you’re reducing waste by not replacing bulbs as often; using LEDs for linear high bays also saves you money, reduces the burden on electric companies, and since they provide better lighting, you can use less bulbs.

Shopping for Your Linear High Bay LEDs 

When it comes to the right kind lighting, you want to go with experts that you can trust. That is why you should invest in LED high bay lights that give a major advantage from a company that specializes in them. So, don't risk going to the wrong source. Shop Electrical Marketplace for all your commercial or residential lighting needs today!