STORM16X30550A Polypropylene Blower For Corrosive Environments

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Canarm STORM16X30550A Polypropylene Blower For Corrosive Environments


Designed to exhaust fumes from highly corrosive environments such as laboratory exhaust or the chemical industry, especially those with high static pressure and low CFM.  3 sizes available from 3” to 6” inlet/outlet. It is an excellent system for Scrubber Applications and other systems requiring low airflow at higher static pressure. Suitable for many applications such as acid tank ventilation, hood exhaust, commercial washers wastewater, chemical cabinets/rooms, etc.

  • Polypropylene casing and wheel recommended up to 190˚F.
  • Housing shall be constructed of strong high-density UV treated polypropylene for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Housing is made of one piece to avoid leaks.
  • Housing is rotatable to any of the 8 standard discharge positions.
  • Wheels are both electronically and dynamically balanced.
  • Direct drive, heavy-duty ball bearing type motors for continuous duty.
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