Gray Wire Connectors Screw-On UL Listed - 1,000ct

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Electrical Marketplace Logo Gray Wire Connectors Screw-On UL Listed - 1,000ct

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Max. Voltage 300v
Wire Range 1 #14; 1 #14 with 1 #20 or #22; 1 or 2 #16; 1 #16 with 1 #18; 1 #16 with 1 to 2 #20; 1 #16 with 1 to 3 #22; 1 #16 with 1 #18 with 1 #20 or #22; 1 #18; 1 #18 with 1 to 3 #20; 1 #18 with 1 to 4 #22
Temperature 105°C (221°F)
Quantity 1,000 Pieces

Why Our Wire Connectors Are Better Than the Competition

High Temperature Rating

These wire connectors have a high temperature and voltage rating that makes them perfect for any job, big or small. They are rated up to 600v for building wiring and up to 1,000v for fixtures and signs.

UL and CSA Listed

Providing a safe connection between multiple types of wires is the reason you're shopping for high quality wire connectors. The knowledgeable electrical contractor buys from us because of the superior quality of our products! Our pressure type wire connectors are UL and CSA Listed, so you can be sure that your wirings are safe and secure.

Low Price Guaranteed

We are so confident in our products' unmatched quality and pricing that we are willing to match the price of any comparable product. If you believe you have found a better price for certified wire connectors: Request a quote and include a link to the lowest priced product.

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