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15a Tamper/Weather Proof GFCI Outlet

15a Tamper/Weather Proof GFCI Outlet

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Protect your home or business with our tamper/weather-resistant self-test GFCI outlets!

These GFCI receptacles electronically detect electrical ground faults and quickly shut off the power to prevent serious shock. They feature tamper-resistant outlets to prevent insertion of foreign objects, internal automatic self-testing to ensure continuous protection, handy reset/test buttons and end-of-life LED indicator lights. These GFCIs feature backwiring for easy installation, replacing an existing outlet in as little as 15 minutes. Wallplate included!

  • Termination takes #12 or #14 stranded or solid copper or copper-clad construction.
  • Safe-Lock Protection: GFCI safety is improved. When miswired, these GFCI outlets have no power and can't be reset, making them safer than conventional receptacles.
  • These GFCI feature an end-of-life monitoring function; They can't reset correctly when GFCI reaches the end of life.
  • Improved resistance to surge and corrosion.


*UL943 Standard Improvements:
Auto-Monitoring or Self-Test Function. This Function allows for periodic, automatic testing of the ability of the GFCI to respond to a ground fault. If the Self-Test Function detects a problem, the GFCI must deny power or provide visual and/or audible indication.

Reverse Line-Load Misfire Function. If the line cable is wired to the load terminals of a receptacle GFCI, power to the receptacle face will be denied. This requirement applies to the initial installation and any subsequent reinstallation.