Indoor Daylight Harvesting Sensor – 24V

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The MPL-010 Indoor Daylight Harvesting Sensor is a 24 volt input, 2-wire photosensor that sends a 0 – 10 volt, analog signal with light level into a lighting control system or building automation system. An ideal solution to meet California Title 24 or ASHRAE 90.1 daylight harvesting needs, this closed-loop photosensor is mounted on the ceiling (with an adhesive pad) pointing downward about 6 to 8 feet from the window. The Fresnel lens provides a precise 60 degree cone of reference and measures the light reflected from task (floor). This Class 2, low voltage sensor is factory calibrated to 140 foot candles and can send a 0 – 10 volt output signal up to 300 feet. It has a fixed, 15 second, full range time response. Typical applications include offices, classrooms and retail locations. Temperature range is -40° to 140°F (-40° to 60°C).

  • Closed loop, daylighting photosensor mounted downward from the ceiling
  • 24 Volt Input, 0 – 10 Volt Output Range
  • Factory calibrated to 140 foot candles
  • Typical applications include offices, classrooms, parking garage, restaurant, and retail locations.
  • Model Number: MPL-010
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