2 Lamp F32T8 Multi Volt Ballast

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2 Lamp F32T8 Multi Volt Ballast

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Ballast Specifications
  • Ballast shall have a five-year warranty
  • Ballast shall be UL certified
  • Ballast shall be sound rated Class A
  • Ballast shall be Class P Type 1 Outdoor
  • Ballast shall have a Lamp Current Crest Factor of <1.7
  • Ballast shall withstand line transients as specified in ANSI C62.41-1991
  • Ballast shall comply with the limits of FCC Part 18 Class A
  • Ballast shall have a lamp operating frequency greater than 40kHz
  • Ballast shall have a 0°F minimum lamp starting temperature for primary lamp
  • Ballast shall be Instant Start
  • Ballast shall be Parallel Lamp Operation
  • Ballast shall have minimum Power Factor of 98% for primary Lamp operation
  • Ballast shall operate within +/- 10% of the ballast specified line voltage at 60 Hz
  • Ballast shall have a maximum case hot spot temperature of 70° Celsius
SKU: EP2-32IS-120-277SC
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