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Wire Connectors – The Electrician’s Best Friend

Electrical Wire Connectors are an essential staple of any electrician’s toolkit. The purpose of any electrical connector is to join wire terminations and create an electrical circuit. What you use to join this connection have a long lasting impact on the quality and safety of connections you wire. Instead of using cheap products that can jeopardize safety, use UL943/CSA certified wire connectors that are rated for quality and will protect you from liability. When choosing the right connector, there are several options to choose from…


Standard Wire Connectors

These are a cost effective way to screw in electrical connections. We carry a variety of screw on connectors at some of the internet's lowest prices. Electrical Marketplace currently offers the following twist on wire connectors:

Twist On Wire Connectors


Winged Wire Connectors

These connectors are easy to screw in and are typically of a slightly higher quality. The wings make them easy to screw on in wet conditions. If you've ever had trouble screwing in connections on the job then these are for you:

Red Winged Wire Connectors



King Innovation Alumiconn Connectors come in 2 and 3 ports. They provide a secure, mechanical connection of conductions and run approximately 25°F cooler than purple twist-ons, providing more safety and saving you money! Multiple ports allow conductors to remain seperate, lowering plug resistance that results in higher temperatures. These connectors provide longer-term reliability, and their one piece design makes for easy installation. Ports of these connectors contain a layer of corrosion inhibitor that provides resistance from oxidation. Compared to other products designed for aluminum to copper conductors, AlumiConn is a more cost-effective alternative than replacing entire aluminum electrical wire systems. These connectors offer a solution that makes pig-tailing easier and safer. The AlumiConn design features a tin plated lug with two ports and nickel-plated compression screws. They are suitable for multible types of connections including: Aluminum to Aluminum, Aluminum to Copper, and Copper to Copper:



Safety Matters - CSA and UL Listed

Unlike other alternatives on the market, our products are UL and CSA certified. This means that they have been tested and determined that the prodcut meets a specified set of requirements that guarentee safety and endurance. Any reputable electrictian knows that the quality of his or her supplies is imperative for sucess and client satisfaction. Don't short change your customers. Purchase quality, certified electrical connectors from us and have confidence that your decision has made your wiring more effective and safe.


Choose Electrical Marketplace!

No matter what product you choose, get yours from Electrical Marketplace. Our knowledgable sales reps will help you find anything that you can't locate online. Get prepared and purchase our electical wire connectors today!