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Why You Should Choose LED Emergency Lighting

When an emergency strikes, the main power supply to your building can be cut off. That's where LED emergency lights come in — they illuminate the way to the exits, making it easier for occupants to get out safely. Long lasting and tough, these powerful lights can help you build safer buildings.

Here are a few great reasons to choose LED emergency lights:


Under normal conditions, your building's emergency lights activate only on rare occasions. If something takes out the main power source, it's crucial that the emergency bulbs be functioning correctly. LEDs are a great solution; they last longer than almost any other available bulb. In fact, they have a lifetime of up to 25 times longer than traditional halogen lights. That means that maintenance staff can spend less time inspecting and replacing bulbs, and you can rest assured that your emergency lights are ready to go in an emergency.


If you're looking for ways to reduce costs, LED lights can help. LEDs last longer than other bulbs, which means that you can go longer between replacements. What's more, since they use energy more efficiently than traditional lights, LEDs use less electricity and less to operate. LEDs also operate at lower temperatures, which means that they lose less energy as heat. This combination means that LEDs can save you a considerable amount of money over the lifetime of your safety system.

Heavy Duty Construction

When an emergency strikes, it can bring extreme heat, high winds, or unexpected shocks. Your emergency lights need to withstand these harsh environmental conditions and stay operational. LEDs are tough and durable, so they stand up to tough situations with ease. Unlike incandescent bulbs, they can withstand higher levels of vibration and shock, which is ideal for tough situations. If an LED does break, you don't have to worry about toxicity — it doesn't contain mercury, so it's safer for the building's occupants.

Quick Illumination

When you turn on an LED, it illuminates immediately, without any warm-up time. This speed is crucial in an emergency because it helps light the way to the doors faster. Plus, you can turn LEDs on and off frequently without having a big impact on their efficiency or lifetime. That means that if you need to test the emergency lighting system during building construction, you don't need to worry about replacing the bulbs.

Install LED Emergency Lights in Your Building With Exceptional Products From EMP

LEDs can help you save money on construction, all while creating better safety systems. If you're interested in upgrading, call Electrical Marketplace today for LED emergency lights at 800-303-5332.