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Why Install LEDs for Parking Lot Lighting

When compared to traditional lights, LED options are more beneficial in a dark or dim parking area. After these lights are mounted on ceilings and walls, motorists will have no problems spotting signs, vehicles, lanes, and other things in a parking environment at night. If you're considering installing LED parking lot lighting, no need to waste anymore time thinking about it. Here’s why you should go ahead and make the investment today.

Energy Perks

LED is a highly efficient lighting technology that uses 75 percent less energy as it illuminates an environment. Because the bulbs use less energy, they last much longer than average incandescent light bulbs. If an LED bulb is rated by ENERGY STAR, it can shine 25 times longer than a traditional parking light bulb.

Convenient Lighting Opportunities

Strategically arranged LED flood lights can direct drivers safely to parking zones above ground or underground. During the illumination process, multiple LED components work together in order to shine a beam of light in a parking zone. Each LED component is the size of a pepper speck, and every individual piece illuminates a red, blue, or green color. When all of the colors combine, an LED product is able to produce white light that's very crisp.

Directional Advantages

Some LED products generate light that shines in a precise direction. In a parking lot, this feature can be quite beneficial, as it can help tactical drivers detect road hazards that are tough to see at night. By pointing a parking light at the ground, motorists can avoid broken glass, oil spills, and trash.

You can point LED lights in other directions as well, without using special accessories, such as diffusers and reflectors. This means that you don't have to invest in additional products in order to shine light in corners and around door and elevators.

Maintenance Advantages

After LED lights are installed, they won't need repair services frequently. For motorists, this perk is very beneficial as they won’t experience technical outages while parked underneath LED lights. On average, a typical LED parking light bulb can provide nearly 100,000 hours of light, and it can accomplish this without regular maintenance.

LED Parking Lot Lighting Provides Enhanced Performance Perks

When people step out of a vehicle in a dark or dim parking area, they want to feel safe. LED lights provide peace of mind, because they always shine light evenly throughout an environment. The technology also distributes light efficiently from a close range and from a distance.

Electrical Marketplace sells a variety of LED products that illuminate a small or large parking lot. Contact us today at 800-303-5332, and let us help you increase visibility and safety in a parking area with our LED lights.