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The Best Security Lights of 2020

Keeping the Premises Secure

Security lights are a necessity for any home or business owner. You want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your property is lit and secure. There are many reasons why you might want to purchase these lights, and there are different considerations you must make when shopping for a product that best fits your needs.


Where you need light shined depends on the application for your light. Are you shining light up onto a wall or door? Do you need your light to be mounted on a wall where it can shine outward? At this time we are selling premium products for both purposes.


Our landscape bullet flood lights (EM-LSEC) are powerful, compact fixtures that are ideal for pathways, parking lots, loading docks, alleys, and more. These lights can be mounted by spike or bolted circular canopy mount.


Our wall mounted light fixtures (EM-SEC) can be used for the same applications, but they have a wider selection of options. This unit can be purchased with one, two or even three heads for light distribution that fits your needs. In addition, the EM-SEC can be purchased with a Motion Sensor and comes standard with a Photocell. Choose your color: White or Dark Bronze, and you're on your way to keeping you, your loved ones, or your business safe!

White 3 Head Outdoor Security Light Fixture with Motion SensorEM-LSEC Landscape Bullet Flood Light