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Switch To Led Lighting: Incentives / Utility Rebates

You can always find up to date rebates by contacting your local electricity provider (FPL if you live in Florida). This article focuses on the different types of LED lighting fixtures your project may need to qualify for these discounts in 2021.

Troffer Lighting offers a great 2x2 or 2x4 lighting solution for offices, retail, and other commercial applications. However, according to BriteSwitch and RebatePro, these rebates average around only $33, down 43% from 2020, compared high bays, which have an average rebate valued at $120.

LED lighting discounts are a great way to make money investing in energy - efficient lighting that helps you save energy costs in your business or home. Incentives for lighting projects are usually based on the watts you can save by replacing your existing lighting system with a newer, energy-efficient one.

Contact our lighting specialists today and ask them about lighting solutions that could qualify your project for a rebate savings!