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First Alert Smoke & CO Detectors

At Electrical Marketplace We’re Experts In Smoke & CO Detectors

We are known in the commercial and industrial electrical industry as the “Benchmark of Great Products”. This is a term we’ve earned by producing impeccable results and supportive customer care. Our showcase product today is First Alert's Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Combo Detector.

Our Company Philosophy:

“Is to give speedy and well-provided access to thousands of the best and most requested, electrical and lighting products”.
9120B Smoke & Carbon Detector Combo

Smoke & CO Detector is one of the most important “Safety and Health Products” for you to have in your home or apartment, and at ElectricalMarketplace, we also know that “This Is The Product That Could Save Both You & Your Family’s Life” – *In the event of a fire or if there are CO emissions, in the house.

We know how much your family means to you, and we feel the same way about ours. That’s why we stock a great selection of both smoke alarms and smoke & CO alarm combination detectors.

This is a simple thing to install, and the peace of mind you will get, knowing that your family and pets are well protected, is worth more that you can imagine. Shop our collection of Smoke and CO Detectors today, because At Electrical Marketplace: We Know What Works!