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Selecting the Right Color Temperature for Your LED Lighting System

Color temperature is one of the most important factors when selecting the right LED fixture for your project. LED lamps can be fixed or adjusted for a wide color temperature range. The temperature you choose depends on the atmosphere desired.

On our website, you can choose between several shades of white to determine which LED lighting is best for your room, but you can also give us a call and take the advice of a lighting expert to choose the right color temperature for this area. Alternatively, you can configure the lighting in your home to achieve the desired color temperatures.

If you would like to know more about the Kelvin colors and temperatures you should use in your next lighting project, please contact one of our experts.

Color temperature preferences vary from person to person or from shop to shop, but one thing remains the same: The color temperature of the light used depends on whether you need to adjust the ambient light in your scene. If you install more than one type of ambient light, you should always choose the same color and temperature for all to ensure a uniform harmonious effect.

Color temperature is one of the most important things to consider when selecting a luminaire!

LEDs can offer a full spectrum, but fluorescent bulbs provide both warm and cool color temperatures, while incandescent bulbs provide warm light.

The color temperature of a light source is measured in degrees Kelvin and is used to characterize the type of white light emitted. The temperature of the light you use indoors can range from 2000K to about 6500K, and for outdoor lighting from about 4500 - 5500K or even higher.

If you want to upgrade your lighting at home and don't want bright, hard LED lights, ask yourself: "Does my LED range range range from 2000K to 4000K? Electrical Marketplace recommends always choosing luminaires with a luminous intensity of at least 5,000K, which is "pure" white light.

Here you will find the right light bulb to replace your current lighting, and you will also be able to choose from a variety of color temperatures. Electrical Marketplace has a wide range of LED light fixtures available for purchase so you can choose the right product for your project.