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Office Lighting – A Complete Guide

There are two things to consider when purchasing lighting for a school or office. It is important for the people in these environments to be at peak mental performance, and lighting has a huge effect on the people working underneath it. There are also several styles to choose from when shopping for these lights. Offices use “roughly 30 percent of all energy consumed on lighting, so it’s important to get it right”. This is your complete guide to office lighting.

Color Temperature

When you buy a fixture from us, you’ll often find a drop down with an option to choose your color temperature. Don’t just leave this as the default. The color temperature you choose depends on the application of the light. Warm color temperatures (< 3500K ) are generally good for places where people are relaxing, like a bedroom. You don’t want your employees falling asleep, so this probably isn’t the color temperature you want. You could opt for a cooler color temperature (> 6500K), but the ideal color temperature should be as white as possible, so 5000K is what most offices should opt for. This way your employees are more productive, and your business makes an even larger return on its lighting investment.

Fixture Styles

We currently sell three types of office light fixtures at electrical marketplace. All three of these types of fixtures can be used for new or retrofit projects.


Troffers, also known as center baskets. Are a traditional form of office lighting you’ve probably seen before. They can come as a double or single basket and are designed to effectively distribute light so that it disperses evenly and is easier on the eyes.

Flat Panels

These fixtures are light weight and blend right in with the ceiling. Use these in applications with a shallow ceiling. Although troffers do a good job dispersing light, flat panels do an even better job! Typically, however, flat panels tend to be slightly less efficient than their troffer counterparts.


Our EM-PWA is a premium wraparound light fixture. It looks and feels similar to an industrial strip light, but it is designed to look better in an office setting. These are often the cheapest solution out of all three styles.

In Conclusion

Color temperature and style are two things you must consider when purchasing lighting for your school or office. Shop from electrical marketplace to buy the most efficient LED Lighting on the market. Click on one of the fixture types above to shop now.