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Lighting Audits- Everything You Need To Know

We offer business owners comprehensive light audits to show them how they can reduce energy costs by switching to energy efficient lighting. Light audits are important because not only can they help you save money, but they can also protect you from litigation.

You need to understand the requirements of your project and your lighting infrastructure well enough to decide if a lighting audit is needed for you. The lighting audit consists of inventorying your existing luminaires to measure the amount of light emitted to significant areas on the surface and comparing these measurements with known lighting standards. It is a great opportunity to make a precise assessment of what you have, to draw up a plan for what we want and a road map for how we can get there. Energy efficiency projects should always carry out an energy efficiency assessment of their existing lighting infrastructure to understand what is required for the project.

The lighting audit is essentially an inventory that will help the designer understand what is going on in the lighting system of the building and help  make changes that benefit your company as a whole. It will provide us with the information we need to gain a better understanding of the lighting infrastructure and its needs.

The overall goal of a lighting audit is to gather information to maximize lighting efficiency and effectiveness and find ways to reduce energy costs for your small business. Energy audits are an important part of understanding where exactly you need to make improvements and what you should prioritize to improve the quality of your building, including lighting, air conditioning and more. For industrial installations, lighting audits help you identify the need for energy efficiency improvements in the lighting system and other aspects of your installation. Once you have a good understanding of the current state of lighting systems and energy consumption, you can perform a lighting audit.

Consider what you need to know: how many lamps are in each room, what type of lamp is used, which control units are used in which areas, and what is being measured in the room during the audit.

A lighting audit will give you the insight you need to make your energy efficiency project a success. The first step is a lighting audit that helps you identify the best lighting technologies and applications that will maximize energy savings for your customers. With the information collected during a lighting audit, a trained lighting designer creates a solution that is just right for you. 

Before you break out the calculator or even start counting the light bulbs, ask us to give you a lighting audit. When it is time to upgrade your lighting system, there are a number of reasons why it is a good idea to choose us for the job.

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