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Led Parking Garage Lighting Considerations

LED lighting is a great option for parking garages as it offers numerous benefits such as energy efficiency, long lifespan, and improved visibility. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting LED lighting for parking garages:


Parking garages require bright lighting to ensure safety and security. Look for LED fixtures with a high lumen output to provide adequate illumination.

Color temperature

The color temperature of LED lighting can affect the visibility and ambiance of the parking garage. Choose a color temperature that provides good visibility without being too harsh or too warm.


Even lighting distribution is essential in parking garages to avoid dark areas and shadows that could create safety hazards. Consider fixtures with a wide beam angle and uniform light distribution.


Parking garages are high-traffic areas that require lighting fixtures that can withstand wear and tear. Look for LED fixtures that are durable, impact-resistant, and rated for outdoor use.

Energy efficiency

LED lighting is highly energy-efficient, reducing energy costs and environmental impact. Look for fixtures with high efficacy and low wattage to minimize energy consumption.

Control options

Consider LED fixtures with dimming and sensor options to further enhance energy savings and customize lighting levels based on occupancy.


LED lighting requires minimal maintenance compared to traditional lighting sources. Look for fixtures with long lifespans and easy access for maintenance and replacement.

Car park lighting should be designed to provide maximum lighting and uniformity over the entire parking area, whether it is 100 square meters or 1 square meter. The design of garage lighting should take into account the shadows created by large vehicles and strive to provide vehicles with a minimum of recommended lighting. For example, if you want to illuminate 100 square meters, the illuminance must be at least 20,000 lumens. We try to raise awareness of commercial garage lighting by providing information about the switch to high-efficiency lighting fixtures.

In IESNA RP-20, the IES outlines recommendations for the different types of parking lots. Ask our representatives about LED lighting that absorbs daylight and converts it into a light source for use in multi-story car parks. LED luminaires and their light distribution ensure a very evenly distributed light image, which brings traffic closer to the center of the room.

The higher investment costs mean that the lighting in garages tend to use fewer luminaires and larger lighting areas. If the car park is large, the cost savings are higher if more LED lamps are used. Garage lights may use a few wide-angle luminaires to reduce installation and capillary costs. In the case of an airport, each luminaire can be placed up to 25 feet, which allows for higher placement.

Parking garage canopies are a great option because they have low profile and cost much less per watt than conventional parking garage lights.

LED car park lighting offers energy savings compared to conventional HID lamps and offers safe lighting with enormous cost savings in the long term. LED parking lights can also be operated with solar energy, which will help to save electricity costs. LEDs in parking garages can be used in different lighting conditions, as they are designed for different temperatures.

The city of Santa Barbara, California, regulates the design of garage lighting to improve lighting quality and energy consumption. Those responsible for the lighting of parking lots want to be sure that the lighting is as efficient as possible. If you have a lot that needs an overhaul, consider switching to LED to save money on energy costs. When deciding to upgrade your parking lot lighting, a good LED solution does not require additional material costs compared to conventional lighting systems.

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can select LED parking garage lighting that provides high-quality illumination, energy savings, and low maintenance costs.

Today, the focus is on overall lighting, as lighting in your parking lot must support the security features that make someone use your parking space. There are a few other things to consider, besides lighting for large and small parking lots - parking lights and their lighting options. Safety should also play a role when lighting a ramp or a passage light when you specify your lighting option. If you have a project and need recommendations for garage lighting, call our specialists at (800) 303-5332.