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How Energy Efficient Lighting Can Increase The Value Of My Build

When planning a new build, it is important to address energy efficiency. The value in this is often overlooked, but there's some serious value you can add to your home or business when it comes to energy efficient lighting. Reach out to our specialists, and we'll tell you which lights would be perfect for your individual application.

By switching to LED lighting alone you can save up to 10% of your total energy consumption and up to 30% of your electricity bill. By introducing digital controls that intelligently dim and brighten the light based on the environmental stimuli in your building, you can save an additional 10-20%.

The later you turn on an LED light bulb, the more the savings and benefits can add to the value of your home or business. Potential homeowners can see a significant increase in the value of their single-family home with LED lighting and forecast a substantial return. Business owners will find more money available to invest in profits.

There are a number of energy-efficient improvements you can make in your home, starting with replacing windows, sealing air leaks and simply replacing light bulbs. These are just some of the small ways we can improve the energy efficiency of our homes and commercial buildings.

Depending on the existing lamp and lighting system, you can also carry out a lighting retrofit. Instead of using ceiling lights that illuminate the entire room, use LED spotlights instead. As an alternative to incandescent or halogen lighting, you can switch to energy-efficient LEDs or use an LED that emits only a fraction of the energy of a conventional light bulb.

According to the US Department of Energy, the conversion to LED lighting can help reduce energy consumption by up to 75% compared to incandescent bulbs.

The cost of upgrading your system to more energy efficient lighting may be recouped over a period of 2 years, especially if you rewire your lighting system to allow partial lighting, longer lamp life and lower energy consumption - efficient light bulbs make the investment worthwhile. If the energy efficiency of the lighting systems you install remains constant, your energy costs will be significantly higher, making retrofitting lighting more costly than it would otherwise be cost effective.

One of the best ways to add value to your next build is to ensure that energy efficiency is a top priority. With a snapshot of a photograph, you can determine what type of light you currently have, how many types you have, and how much energy you can save when retrofitting LED lighting. 

The extra money you spend on efficient lighting often quickly offsets the savings on your electricity bill. By switching to LED lighting and its retrofit kits, you can achieve maximum energy efficiency in your lighting system. You can save up to $1,000 a year in energy costs and up to $2,500 a month in heating and cooling costs by switching to LED lighting. Consider painting walls, floors and ceilings to improve reflection and light efficiency, thereby reducing light and electrical load.