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Outfit your Office with Only the Brightest!

And we're not talking just about your employees. Upgrade your office lighting fixtures to LED and take advantage of HUGE savings! Our Flat Panels, Troffers, and Strip Lights will improve productivity and save you money on electricity costs.

Several new lighting technologies, including LED lighting, allow energy savings of up to 75 percent compared to conventional light bulbs. Some of us are aware of the energy-saving benefits reaped by upgrading your office lighting to the latest LED technology. LED luminaires have become established and are used in a market previously dominated by traditional incandescent bulbs, but many are unaware of exactly how much money they could save by switching to LED lighting.

The Energy Efficient Office Lighting Program (EELP), recently developed by the US Department of Energy, aims to reduce environmental impacts and promote health and labor productivity. This program shares benchmarking data and other services to help you improve your efficiency in lighting commercial buildings.

Our collection of Troffers, for example, is a perfect example of LED Office Lighting!

Perhaps you're looking for another office aesthetic. Flat Panels maybe?

Dimmer switches make it easy to adjust the lumens of any energy-efficient office lighting fixture. Make sure you choose a compatible fixture that supports this great way to control your light output.

Ask our experts what solution you should choose for your office lighting project! Give us a call at (800) 303-5332 today.