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Energy-Efficient Lighting For Retail

So you're in the market for retail office lighting?

Walmart today announced plans to buy GE Lighting, a global leader in energy-efficient lighting. GE lighting has developed energy-efficient solutions that transform the way people light up their homes, businesses, offices and retail stores.

Energy costs mean there is considerable scope for retailers to cut their electricity bills and become more energy efficient. As the name suggests, energy-efficient lighting systems consume less energy than conventional lighting systems, giving them an advantage over the latter. There is no question that the energy efficiency of lighting commercial buildings can significantly reduce electricity bills.

The lighting you choose depends on what you need it for. LED luminaires (linear tubes) are used to illuminate goods evenly, this applies to all types of lighting, not just commercial lighting systems. The most common types are light bulbs, and highly efficient fluorescent tubes.

The requirements for store lighting are much more complex and demanding than those for commercial lighting systems. Retailers who want to reduce overhead will find that LEDs can be a great solution to their lighting needs, which means big savings. When you replace incandescent or fluorescent lamps with energy-efficient LEDs, you will immediately feel the benefits.

LED lighting could lead to retail stores reducing their lighting - reducing energy consumption by 75%, resulting in significant savings. LEDs are much more energy efficient than incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs, which is an important factor when considering a purchase such as this. 

Energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems can save retailers money instantly. These smart solutions are not only better for the environment, but also increase the result of your retail bank.

Add a more inviting store environment and improved productivity to the long list of benefits, and it becomes clear why so many retailers are switching to LED lighting. 

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