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Energy-Efficient Led Lighting For Food Processing

When it comes to the time-consuming details of LED food processing lights, it's important to keep your head above water. LED lights undoubtedly appeal to everyone, but the advantages of our LED linear tubes make them among the best on the food safe market.

Most lights can shatter, which is a huge issue when dealing with the regulatory issues of food-processing lighting. Our T8 and T5 linear LED tubes are shatter-proof and shuts off to prevent fires thanks to thermal break technology!

If you switch to more energy-efficient LED lighting, you can also qualify for rebate programs to offset the cost of your LED retrofit. The more light you have in your system, the better you can take advantage of LED lighting retrofit rebates.

LED lighting can cost more upfront than antiquated lighting technology, but ongoing energy savings and maintenance avoidance can quickly recoup these costs and bring additional savings. LED lighting consumes 70% less power and can be programmed to operate at specific times and take less time to switch on and off, resulting in impressive energy savings.

Food safe LED lights create a better, brighter working environment while protecting the integrity of food. This combination of savings and safety means that LED lighting can help food processors avoid business-ruining breakouts and improving quality and quantity.

Food-producing environments can save up to 85% of energy by replacing obsolete fluorescent tubes and metal halide lamps with energy-efficient LED lighting. Plant operators can expect to achieve energy savings of 40 to 60 percent by using LED lighting, and according to the US Department of Energy, 70 percent can be saved compared to conventional fluorescent lamps in food production plants. LED lighting can improve light quality, increase safety, improve working conditions and improve working conditions, while drastically reducing energy costs.

Food companies that switch to LED not only save money on their monthly electricity bills, but can also save money because many utilities and government programs offer discounts on installing energy-efficient lighting. Let us tell you how much money you can save by installing energy-efficient LED lights by giving us a call today at (808) 303-5332.