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Electrical Tape - Stick With Us

A Horrible Mistake

Electrical Tape is a staple in any electrician's toolkit. Personally, I've made the mistake of purchasing cheap, low quality garbage that folds in on itself, loses its integrity, and ultimately wastes my money. Don't make my mistake. Here are three reasons why you should buy your tape from Electrical Marketplace.


It sucks when tape just isn't sticky any more. It falls off whatever you're trying to insulate or stick together, and essentially becomes wasted garbase immediately. This tape has high dielectric strength, making it the perfect tool for you to use.


Whenever you need to insulate electrical wiring, there's a strong possibility that the conditions surrounding the application will be detrimental to the tape itself. This tape is resistant to:


On top of this, the colored tape is suitable for use up to 600V and resistant to temperatures between 32 and 176 degrees Fahrenheit! 

UL and CSA Listed

You need to be sure that the tape your using is either UL or CSA certified. This means that the product has been tested and is regulated for use in the above situations. Don't take chances with other electrical tape. Choose a color below and buy some high quality electrical today!

Electrical Tape