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Stay Protected With Our 15/20Amp Tr/Wh GFCIs

Having the wrong GFCI could mean disaster for your home or business. Don't take any chances. Our customers choose our GFCIs because they're UL Listed and proven to prevent electrical fires!

Our 15amp / 20amp 2008 Code GFCI outlets are back in stock at! 

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If you need weather / tamper proof GFCI's, here's why you should choose ours over the competitors because these GFCI receptacles electronically detect electrical ground faults and quickly shut off the power to prevent serious shock. They feature tamper-resistant outlets to prevent insertion of foreign objects, internal automatic self-testing to ensure continuous protection, handy reset/test buttons and end-of-life LED indicator lights. These GFCIs feature backwiring for easy installation, replacing an existing outlet in as little as 15 minutes. Wallplate included!

  • Termination takes #12 or #14 stranded or solid copper or copper-clad construction.
  • Safe-Lock Protection: GFCI safety is improved. When miswired, these GFCI outlets have no power and can't be reset, making them safer than conventional receptacles.
  • These GFCI feature an end-of-life monitoring function; They can't reset correctly when GFCI reaches the end of life.
  • Improved resistance to surge and corrosion.
*UL943 Standard Improvements:
Auto-Monitoring or Self-Test Function. This Function allows for periodic, automatic testing of the ability of the GFCI to respond to a ground fault. If the Self-Test Function detects a problem, the GFCI must deny power or provide visual and/or audible indication.

Reverse Line-Load Misfire Function. If the line cable is wired to the load terminals of a receptacle GFCI, power to the receptacle face will be denied. This requirement applies to the initial installation and any subsequent reinstallation.