Alumiconn 2-Port Electrical Wire Connectors - 2,500ct

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King Innovation Logo Alumiconn 2-Port Electrical Wire Connectors - 2,500ct

SKU(s) WP-95085
Max. Voltage 300V
Wire Type Aluminum/Aluminum, Aluminum/Copper, Copper/Copper
Wire Range Aluminum Wire Range: Min #12/Max #10 Copper Wire Range: Min #18/Max #10
Temperature 105°C
Flammability Rating V-2

King Innovation Aluminum to Copper Lug (AL-CU) Connectors are of superior quality and provide a secure, mechanical connection of conductors. These run approximately 25°F cooler than purple twist-ons, providing more safety and saving you money! Multiple ports allow conductors to remain seperate, lowering plug resistance that results in higher temperatures. These connectors provide longer-term reliability, and their one piece design makes for easy installation. Ports of these connectors contain a layer of corrosion inhibitor that provides resistance from oxidation. Compared to other products designed for aluminum to copper conductors, AlumiConn is a more cost-effective alternative for replacing aluminum electrical wire systems. These connectors offer a solution that makes pig-tailing easier and safer. The AlumiConn design features a tin plated lug with two ports and nickel-plated compression screws. They are suitable for multible types of connections including: Aluminum to Aluminum, Aluminum to Copper, and Copper to Copper.


  • Approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and insurance companies

  • Secure, mechanical connection of conductors

  • Runs approximately 25°F cooler than purple twist-ons

  • Provides a safer connection

  • Separate ports eliminate intermixing of conductors

  • One piece for easy installation

  • Dielectric silicone inhibitor reduces corrosion of connection

  • Tin-plated lug and nickel-plated screws

  • UL 486C to meet US and Canadian standards

  • Suitable for aluminum to aluminum, aluminum to copper, and copper to copper wire splices

  • Available in 2-Port and 3-Port styles

2 Port Alumiconn Line Drawings

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